Basic Wedding Attire

   The Marriage Man offers several officiant attire options, at no charge, to couples for their wedding ceremony. The four basic options are (a) black business suit, (b)  ceremonial robe, and (c) Victorian formal attire. Several pictures of each attire can be found below. I should mention that 99% of the time couples consider the business suit or the robe to be the appropriate dress for their ceremony.

      The Marriage Man Ceremony officiants will also officiate your ceremony in "theme" or "costume" attire (Country/Western, Medieval, Nautical, etc.) if requested. However, the Marriage Man will not be responsible for any of the costs and/or arrangements (ordering, picking up and returning to rental stores, etc.) of such attire. If you are planning a themed ceremony, please discuss the attire arrangements with The Marriage Man Ceremony officiants well ahead of the ceremony date.

    Below are some sample pictures of the basic attire available to be worn at your wedding by The Marriage Man.

(Note: The pictures below are low resolution to allow quicker loading. Some distortion may appear.)

A Dark Business Suit Fits Many Occasions Popular at Formal or Informal Weddings,  Religious and Civil
A Classic Ceremonial Robe Ideal for Formal Religious and Spiritual ceremonies Wedding Stole For Less Formal, But Spritual, Ceremonies
The Romantic Victorian Era of Formal "Tailcoats" and Top Hats (Popular for Cape May/Victorian Weddings)

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